Bishop Brandon B. Porter | Jurisdictional Prelate

 Bishop J. Drew Sheard | Presiding Bishop

Date: October 23, 2023
RE: Laity

Dear Saints of Oklahoma Northwest,
A gentle reminder to all elected delegates attending the November 2023
session of the General Assembly, in person or virtual, the deadline is
October 30, 2023.
There are some who has participated in the Annual Laity Program for
2023, however Oklahoma Northwest is showing “0” amount. Since time is
of the essence, please send me a copy of your receipts, cancelled checks
front and back (blackout all account #s). You can send a picture or email or
text it to me. We will track the funds and the corresponding current laity
card. I would like to receive your receipts as soon as possible so they can
be presented all at one time. By Friday, November 3,2023 is excellent.
Going forward, all Laity will be submitted by a jurisdictional check to the
National Church. Thank you for your swift attention to this detail.

Elder Amos E. Allen
Jurisdictional Secretary,
Oklahoma NorthwestJ

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